Pax Americana

from by GioSafari

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This track is the original Pax Americana single. I recorded and released a live studio version of this song for my sophomore EP, "Protest Songs (Are Dead)".


Shalom is a way of life.
Yes, peace goes far beyond fashion.
Love for one's brothers and sisters,
respect for oneself and creation.
This peace is absent in countries
where the work of small hands is forgotten,
where human rights take a back seat
to the profits of corporate production.

Two fingers form a letter which stands for victory.
We hold it up in protests for all the world to see.
We say it stands for peace, for which we'll take a stand.
Nevermind the fact our goods were all produced by broken hands.

Such goods are then shipped to lands
where the first-world consumer hordes
Pillage and plunder display shelves
of clothing and grocery stores
'til nothing is left in their tracks,
least of all the sad memory
that the ones who provide them their food and clothes
are naked and going hungry.

Encircled broken crosses, symbolic imagery
emblazoned on our t-shirts, dangling jewelry.
We say it stands for peace, for which we're all in favor.
Nevermind the fact our goods were all produced by sweatshop labor.

Our logos we proudly display,
corporate slogans we wear as our banners.
Even peace has done well to pay
the checks of graphic designers.
But what do these signs mean to those
who work over them night and day,
while violent military forces
are at work to keep it that way?

Hegemonic power secures our corporate interests.
"Free trade" law legitimate by our destiny manifested.
We say it stands for peace, which we'll spread throughout the nations,
Nevermind the fact our goods were all produced by exploitation.


from GioSafari Does NYC, released September 5, 2014



all rights reserved


GioSafari New York, New York

GioSafari was the pseudonym for singer-songwriter and peace activator Gio Andollo. He lives in NYC, where he has committed to music - songwriting, recording, busking, performing, promoting - and activism. He speaks truth to power in the heart of Empire, recalling the subversive musical traditions of American folk & punk, singing for peace & justice, and advocating the use of bicycle helmets. ... more

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